A reason for breathing

by Cityfires

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Bipolar and unfocused. A collection of random tracks, rewrites, and experiments from early 2012.


released February 14, 2012



all rights reserved


Cityfires Atlanta, Georgia

I love writing music, and I hope that it can be something for you to enjoy!

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Track Name: Forest Temple
It's getting cold
I'm going to the well
To take a drink and maybe think of why
I'm out here at all

I might be late
There's so much more to do
But when I'm safe I'll tell you right away
I love you, I do

I'm keeping warm
These skulls are still aflame
I hope you are at home and not afraid for me
For me

But it's all the same
I'm lost inside this place
And nothing seems to make much sense to me
I'll sleep here a while


But I will see you
When you come over
And the darkness of your eyes
Will finally see the dawn

And when you're ready
I'll try to find you
Your ghost will look like mine
So don't forget me when I'm gone
Track Name: Chroniker
Has a prayer been said for me?
Have I ever told the truth?
Something like the hand of God
is sparking fires deep inside.

As the minute hands go by
And the pendulum is stilled
In an endless world of old machines,
I wish that I could hide

But everything's moving too slow

So if I'm running out of time
would you wake me up so I could say goodbye
This world is frozen, and my hand is trapped forever by your side
And if we I can't change this time then I'll go running back to sleep
because inside my dreams I moving closer all the time

In the alteration span
As a burning step is found
Treading forwards through the flow of time
We barely make a sound

And the pace is not our friend
As I hear the bells below
Only words could ever last this long
your love begins to glow

But mine is just moving too slow

So if I'm running out of time
would you wake me up so I could say goodbye
This world is burning, and your hand is trapped forever by my side
And if we can't I change this time then I'll go running back to sleep
because inside my dreams I moving slower all the time
Track Name: Breathing
You found the river I fell through
When I was five and I was
a little too scared to jump in alone

It was a moment I remember
If I could swim would I be
a different man when I am at home

You found the valley I lived in
When I was ten and I was
an innocent fire who couldn’t believe

I had a limited distance
looking ahead and moving
away from beds when I couldn’t breathe

You found the basement he built me
To be alone and have
A little bit more to claim was mine

I cried a little bit sometimes
Everyone did but I just
Never could figure out the right time

You found the tent we believed in
Setting us free so we could
Discover the paths we traveled at night

We had wizards and stories
Reading aloud but skipping
Past the parts we knew were all lies

You found moments of losing
Letting it go cause I was
never the one to sit on the phone

Those guys never convinced me
Trading around and waiting
To take another girl and call her your own

You found the school that I went to
Everything changed but we were
A similar blend of breathing and fear

I don’t know what she saw in me
All of the pain and finding
The cycle of time would never be clear

You found the city I crawled to
On my knees knowing
I never did have another escape

I tried to be a little different
It didn’t take long till I was
A little bit more than staying up late

You found the building I noticed
Walking along when I thought
To give a chance, the last of my tries

I broke every dark habit
Tearing down walls to get
A little more vision into your eyes

You found the window between us
Out in the cold as I tried
To see if she waited looking for me

There was just a brief moment
Neither of thinking
When everyone left, where we might be

You found the empty apartment
When I was sick and I thought
There wasn’t a life I wanted to live

You found meaning in the distance
You found a faith and gave me
a faith that I was eager to give