CCL Dive

by Cityfires

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clover ♪ A story of hope in moving forward.
Favorite track: CODA.
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Vortexia Really unique style and just flat out catchy songs Favorite track: Wish.
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released April 28, 2019

Thanks to Brad Ellis, Jill Ellis, Andrew Smith, and Jeremy Jackson for lending their voices to various parts of this album.

Thanks to Alex Spivey for the album art.

The sound effects used throughout the ablum are thanks to bewagne, bmusic92, donmann, ralph whitehead, thef1like, and musicandsoundyay on


all rights reserved



Cityfires Atlanta, Georgia

I love writing music, and I hope that it can be something for you to enjoy!

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Track Name: Papa
When you're away
Promise me
We will all
Track Name: Ranger
Where have you taken me
On all these adventures you made
Cause I lost a part of me
And we are the only remains
Where is my history
Oh we will remember those days
But this won't mean anything
If you return to the range

Well I saw the darkness before me
Till you pulled me back to this world
It's all just a map of my endings
And trying to stay on this road

You might find your destination
But you won't ever wash it clean
(No we can't stop)

And the fire
it was raining
on the rooftops
down the river
as it's drifting
when we stumbled
through the empty streets
on the banks below
I was blinded
climbing slowly
for a moment
through the entrance
i can still hear
we were waving
how it cried for me
when we made it home
We offended her
I was bracing
with the music
for my ending
and I wondered
on the pavement
If she wanted me
as they moved though the sky
and the terror
city fires
when he answered
on the rooftops
underneath it
burning softly
as I strained to see
when I tried to scream

Take a good look at this picture
See the miles on the highway
Cause I never really figured out
What I wanted as thy drove away

So what do you think of me
And all these decisions you made
Are they worth anything
But they are the only remains
And the mean the world to me
But we will remember those days
And nothing means anything
If you return to the range

No we can't stop
Track Name: Wish
It’s only seven hours till the end
The sun will rise
And light up a world that shines on something new

I don’t know what I need
Maybe it’ll come to me
I can feel it calling but I don’t know where it is

Does every single morning looks this
The sky is strange
When I feel see visions you hold inside of you

Everywhere I wanna go
Everything I wanna show
I remember all these feelings in the air

It’s only one more hour until end
The world is mine
but you know these plans have changed a thousand times

There’s a man in the sea
Running out away from me
And he’s moving ever closer to the fall

Do you still feel the pressure as it fades
The phantom life
And holding my hands as you open up your eyes

As he runs through the snow
Hearing songs from below
Digging down to find the meaning of it all

But if I fade away
Will you remain
Will you remember
anything I made

I wish I’d fade away
While you remain
I wish you remembered
Everything I made

I hope I was a friend until the end
And in your place
We made up a story worth another try

So don’t forget this feeling when i’m gone
And my mistakes
Will guide you to see it through when you feel alone

Cause you’re not alone
Track Name: The Tangle
Will you remember
Will you remember
Will you remember me after the
Track Name: CODA
Well she brought me here for a reason
But in the back of my mind I just wanna know
Why I’m not the same when I think of you
So I’ll just slip away when our eyes close

I’ve been reaching out through the pages but
You just see right through me when the lights glow
When we fall asleep, when we’re empty
will I remember my heart when this love grow cold

I can hear you but where’s the answer
Just keep collecting these thoughts till it’s over
Cause I’m sure that this is worth it
But will you remember this after the

It’s that dream again, it’s the photograph
When I’m sitting alone in the window
When you broke the screen
And I took the stage
And you never returned for the CODA

I can’t tell you what you wanna hear
But I can help remind you
These moments are behind you
So please just let them go
Cause we can climb beyond the past
And cut into the tangle
And find another angle
To see the light below
Track Name: Lines
Can you feel the end
The traitor in my mind
It’s a familiar friend
Who’s never far behind

But I can’t complain
Cause love is hard to find
I’ll just try again
I’ve tried a thousand times

And what do I have to show for it
Cause all I do is wait for a sign
And if I could decipher it
I’d run through the gates and over the line

I guess I was lost in my head
In one small moment between us
Everything I should have said
Locked in a mind I cannot trust

Words were so simple back then
Trace these lines on the paper
Don’t try to be creative
We’re all just waiting for our turn

To turn into anything
Or anyone that you could define
Well if I could solve myself
I’d run to the edge and bleed through the lines

What do you have to show for it
If all you can do is wait for the signs
And if you could decipher it
You’d run through the gates and over the lines

Is there somewhere that I can go
To take my world and be redesigned?
Cause I might have to just submit
And live in your invisible lines

What would I have to show for it
If I opened up and let you in?
Cause I’m so tired of trying this
Over and over and over and over again
Track Name: Icons
We pray for the Icons of hope
I feel them everyday
I hold the words inside
All glory and honor and praise
You said you know my name
So why don’t they reply

Say close to the icons you know
Cause life will fade away
And wait for someone else
They’ll turn around when you’re gone
You’ll never feel the same
But you won’t change at all
Oh why don’t they reply
Track Name: Home
So will you let me go
Cause I don’t feel alone anymore
You were a home to me
But there’s a call I can’t ignore

And after all this time
I wonder if you ever knew
The dreams I held beneath
Behind the hope I had in you

Just don’t give up on me
Cause I’m not ready for the fall
You are a part of me
And you’re the breath inside us all

So I won’t let you go
Cause I don’t feel alone anymore
You are a home to me
And there’s a call I can’t ignore

And after all this time
I wonder if you always knew
The dreams I held beneath
Behind the hope I have in you

So don’t you die on us
Cause I’m not ready for the fall
You are a part of us
You are the breath inside us all
Track Name: CCL Dive
Say hello
Can you speak
Is the argument complete
Because it seems to be repeating us again

We need to Dive before it’s gone
Because the cycle presses on
So I will sync and hold you tight
until the end
Try thinking of home

I see you
between the lines
leaving octagons behind
And it tears me apart to watch you fall

I’ll build a world for all my flies
And watch the time bleed from my eyes
Until the sun sings for me the final call
It’s calling me home…

You look the same but underneath the consoles I feel the difference

You’re out of time,
so I will try to calibrate my decisions

Cause I need a sign.
I need to walk into the dark by your side

To be complete.
To gather up these broken memories of home…
Track Name: Away
What is this you made?
Are these your hands all splintered and frayed
And a thousand homes across the sea?

But you don’t live there anymore
And so many days you’d wander away
With a restless smile I’d see you turn
and measure

So what’s my name today?
Do you remember? Well that’s okay.
We can try again if you don’t mind.

Cause time will not erase
All of these smiles you wrote on my face
And a thousand moments that live on

No this was not the plan
So many tears we don’t understand
But we’ll keep working as you sleep

Cause in that dream, I’ll bet
Wiping your brow and covered in sweat
Cause there’s always something we can do
and do better

So I won’t wait to see
Whatever this life unburies for me
I need to dig until I’m done

Cause on that day I know
We can look back and watch it all go
And we’ll remember everything

When you’re away
Promise me
Everywhere you go
We will all follow

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